Product Description

Product Description


The cage guideways can be equipped with ROLLERS or BALLS or NEEDLES and are suitable for many applications in the medium to high requirement range. These products have limited stroke and provide rigid yet supple linear motion and are particularly suitable for linear guidance where high rigidity and supple movement are demanded.
Our company HangZhou CZPT precision machinery is a professional supplier of linear motion parts, including ball screws,linear guideways,all kinds of cage guideways such as Cross Roller Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Type R as well as Needle-bearing Xihu (West Lake) Dis.ways Type N/O and M/V. We aslo provide OEM/ODM service.We have excellent products with competitive prices and professional good after-sale service. Pls feel free to contact us.

Product Parameters

-Cross-Roller Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Model VR / Type R

VR Model Cross Roller Linear Xihu (West Lake) Dis. is a guideway with roller cage, which is a limited stroke linear CZPT that has precision rollers orthogonalized alternately. The roller cage type R has a unique roller retaining mechanism to achieve a large effective contact length of the rollers and a short roller pitch interval. It is a highly rigid type. Type R Cross roller guideways work effectively to master the medium to high requirements.
Sizes: Vr1, Vr2, Vr3, Vr6, Vr9, Vr12
Special sizes 15,18 are produced on request.
Lengths: 20 to 1000 mm
Service:OEM Customized Service

VR SERIES Detailed Length as follow table:

VR1-20-5Z VR1-50-13Z VR1-80-21Z  
VR1-30-7Z VR1-60-16Z    
VR1-40-10Z VR1-70-19Z    
VR2-30-5Z VR2-75-13Z VR2-120-21Z  
VR2-45-8Z VR2-90-16Z VR2-135-23Z  
VR2-60-11Z VR2-105-18Z VR2-150-26Z  
VR3-50-7Z VR3-125-17Z VR3-200-28Z  
VR3-75-10Z VR3-150-21Z VR3-225-31Z  
VR3-100-14Z VR3-175-24Z VR3-250-35Z  
VR3-275-38Z VR3-300-42Z    
VR4-80-7Z VR4-240-23Z VR4-400-39Z  
VR4-120-11Z VR4-280-27Z VR4-440-43Z  
VR4-160-15Z VR4-320-31Z VR4-480-47Z  
VR4-200-19Z VR4-360-35Z    
VR6-100-7Z VR6-250-17Z VR6-400-27Z VR6-550-38Z
VR6-150-10Z VR6-300-20Z VR6-450-31Z VR6-600-41Z
VR6-200-13Z VR6-350-24Z VR6-500-34Z  
VR9-160-9Z VR9-300-15Z VR9-600-30Z  
VR9-200-10Z VR9-400-20Z VR9-700-35Z  
VR9-250-13Z VR9-500-25Z VR9-800-40Z  
VR12-200-7Z VR12-500-17Z VR12-800-28Z  
VR12-300-10Z VR12-600-21Z VR12-900-31Z  
VR12-400-14Z VR12-700-24Z VR12-1000-34Z  
VR15-300-8Z VR15-600-16Z VR15-900-25Z  
VR15-400-11Z VR15-700-19Z VR15-900-25Z  
VR15-500-13Z VR15-800-22Z    
VR18-300-6Z VR18-700-16Z VR18-1100-25Z  
VR18-400-9Z VR18-800-18Z VR18-1200-27Z  
VR18-500-11Z VR18-900-20Z    
VR18-600-13Z VR18-1000-23Z    

-Ball Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Model VB
VB Modelguideway is using a ball cage model Bwhich holds precision steel balls in a short pitch interval, this model is a low friction and high accuracy type.

-Needle-bearing Xihu (West Lake) Dis.ways Type N/O and M/V
Needle-bearing Xihu (West Lake) Dis.ways Type N/O and M/V with cages,which have the maximum load-bearing capacity,rigidity and accuracy.
Type N/O linear guideways with needle bearing
The N/O linear guideway with needle bearings is designed for use with needle cages.These frictionless guideways are suitable for high load applications.Combined with tightly fitted needle bearings, this guideway exhibits the highest rigidity overall by comparison.The CZPT cage is made of plastic and steel,compared to similar needle guideways, provides smaller displacement resistance values.
Sizes: 3115,4422,5225,6230,7435,7845
Lengths: 100 to 2000 mm

Type M/V linear guideways with needle bearing
The Type M/V linear guideways equipped with needle cages are particularly well-suited for high-load applications. Thecomposite cageresults in smaller displacement resistance values and greater rigidity compared with similar needle guideways.
Sizes: 3015, 4571, 5571, 6035, 7040, 8050
Lengths: 100 to 1500 mm

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Packaging Details
For sample order if send by TNT, DHL, Fedex packing by paper carton for economy delivery.
For bulk order send by sea, packing by wooden carton. We sugguest customer’s accept max length 3000mm for easy and safe transport.
ZheJiang or HangZhou port

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Name: M/V Needle Bearing Guideways
Brand: Linear Guide Manufacturer China
Sizes: M/V 3015, 4020, 5025, 6035, 7040, 8050
Special Sizes: 7040, 8050 Are Produced on Request.
Guide Length: 20 to 1500 mm
Structure: 1 Set=4 Rails, 8 End Screws, 2 Cages and Rollers
US$ 30/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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cross roller bearing

What are the challenges and solutions for managing complex loads and rotational accuracy in cross roller bearings?

Managing complex loads and maintaining rotational accuracy are crucial challenges in cross roller bearings. These bearings often encounter demanding operating conditions that require effective solutions to ensure optimal performance.

  • Challenges:
  • 1. Complex Loads: Cross roller bearings may experience a combination of radial, axial, and moment loads. These loads can vary in magnitude, direction, and frequency, posing challenges in distributing the loads evenly across the bearing structure and minimizing stress concentrations.

    2. Rotational Accuracy: Maintaining precise rotational accuracy is essential in applications where accurate positioning, motion control, and alignment are critical. Factors such as manufacturing tolerances, bearing clearance, and external disturbances can affect the rotational accuracy of cross roller bearings.

  • Solutions:
  • 1. Optimized Bearing Design: Cross roller bearings are designed with specific load capacities and rigidity to handle complex loads. Manufacturers optimize the bearing’s internal geometry, material selection, and heat treatment processes to enhance load distribution and minimize stress concentrations. This enables the bearing to withstand varying loads and maintain structural integrity.

    2. Precision Manufacturing: Achieving high rotational accuracy starts with precision manufacturing processes. Tight manufacturing tolerances and stringent quality control measures help ensure consistent dimensions and geometries of the bearing components. This minimizes variations and deviations that can impact rotational accuracy.

    3. Preload and Clearance Adjustment: Proper preload and clearance adjustment are crucial for managing complex loads and maintaining rotational accuracy. Preload, achieved through controlled axial displacement or the use of spacers, eliminates internal clearance and enhances rigidity, reducing the effects of external forces. Careful adjustment of clearance ensures smooth operation while minimizing excessive play and maintaining accuracy.

    4. Lubrication: Lubrication plays a vital role in managing complex loads and rotational accuracy. Appropriate lubrication reduces friction, minimizes wear, and dissipates heat generated during operation. The selection of the right lubricant, based on operating conditions and load requirements, ensures smooth rotation and helps maintain accuracy over extended periods.

    5. Sealing and Contamination Control: Proper sealing and contamination control measures are essential for protecting cross roller bearings from external contaminants such as dust, dirt, and moisture. Seals and shields prevent ingress of harmful particles, maintaining the integrity of the bearing surfaces and minimizing wear that can affect rotational accuracy.

    6. Mounting and Alignment: Accurate mounting and alignment of cross roller bearings are critical for achieving optimal performance. Careful attention should be given to the mounting surfaces, ensuring flatness and perpendicularity, to minimize misalignment and stress concentrations that can impact load distribution and rotational accuracy.

In summary, managing complex loads and rotational accuracy in cross roller bearings requires optimized bearing design, precision manufacturing, proper preload and clearance adjustment, appropriate lubrication, sealing and contamination control, as well as accurate mounting and alignment. By addressing these challenges and implementing effective solutions, cross roller bearings can deliver reliable and precise performance in a wide range of applications.

cross roller bearing

How do cross roller bearings contribute to the proper functioning of aerospace components?

Cross roller bearings play a crucial role in ensuring the proper functioning of aerospace components. These bearings offer several benefits and contribute to the reliable and efficient operation of various aerospace systems. Here’s a detailed look at how cross roller bearings contribute to the proper functioning of aerospace components:

  • Compact Design:
  • Cross roller bearings have a compact design that allows for efficient use of space in aerospace components. Their thin and lightweight structure enables them to be integrated into tight spaces without adding excessive weight or bulk. This compact design is especially advantageous in aerospace applications where weight reduction and space optimization are critical factors.

  • High Load Capacity:
  • Cross roller bearings are designed to handle high radial, axial, and moment loads. They feature crossed rollers arranged at right angles to one another, which enables them to distribute load forces in multiple directions. This high load capacity is essential in aerospace components that experience significant forces and loads during operation, such as landing gear systems, control surfaces, and actuators.

  • Stiffness and Precision:
  • Cross roller bearings offer high stiffness and precision, making them suitable for aerospace applications that require precise positioning and motion control. Their unique design and preloaded arrangement of rollers result in minimal deflection and high rigidity, ensuring accurate and repeatable performance. Aerospace components, such as robotic arms, control mechanisms, and guidance systems, benefit from the stiffness and precision of cross roller bearings.

  • Low Friction and Energy Efficiency:
  • Cross roller bearings are designed to minimize friction and energy losses. The rolling contact between the crossed rollers and raceways reduces friction, resulting in smooth and efficient motion. This low friction characteristic contributes to energy efficiency in aerospace systems, where reducing power consumption and maximizing operational efficiency are crucial considerations.

  • High-Speed Capability:
  • Cross roller bearings are capable of operating at high speeds without sacrificing performance. Their low rotational inertia and optimized design allow them to handle rotational speeds encountered in aerospace applications, such as turbine engines, gearbox systems, and rotating assemblies. The ability to maintain performance and reliability at high speeds is essential for aerospace components that operate under demanding conditions.

  • Reliability and Durability:
  • Cross roller bearings are engineered to provide high reliability and durability in aerospace environments. They are designed to withstand harsh operating conditions, including high temperatures, vibration, shock, and contamination. Aerospace components, such as aircraft engines, landing gear, and control systems, rely on the robustness and longevity of cross roller bearings to ensure continuous and safe operation throughout their service life.

In summary, cross roller bearings play a vital role in the proper functioning of aerospace components. Their compact design, high load capacity, stiffness, precision, low friction, high-speed capability, and reliability contribute to the efficiency, performance, and safety of various aerospace systems. By providing reliable motion control, load support, and durability, cross roller bearings are essential components in aerospace applications, enabling the successful operation of aircraft, spacecraft, and other aerospace platforms.

cross roller bearing

What are cross roller bearings and how are they used in various industrial applications?

Cross roller bearings are specialized types of roller bearings that utilize cylindrical rollers arranged in a cross configuration between inner and outer rings. This unique design allows for high radial, axial, and moment load capacities while maintaining a compact and space-saving profile. Cross roller bearings are commonly used in various industrial applications where precision, rigidity, and load-carrying capacity are critical. Here’s a detailed explanation of cross roller bearings and their uses in different industrial sectors:

  • Robotics and Automation:
  • Cross roller bearings are extensively used in robotics and automation systems. These bearings provide high rigidity and precision, making them suitable for robotic joints, rotary tables, and linear motion systems. They can handle complex loads and moments, enabling smooth and accurate movement in robotic applications. Cross roller bearings are also preferred in industrial automation equipment such as pick-and-place machines, assembly systems, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

  • Machine Tools:
  • In machine tool applications, where high precision and rigidity are essential, cross roller bearings find wide usage. They are commonly employed in spindle units, rotary tables, and indexing heads of milling machines, lathes, and grinding machines. Cross roller bearings offer excellent rotational accuracy, enabling superior machining performance and surface finish. Their compact design allows for space optimization, making them suitable for machine tools with limited installation space.

  • Medical and Optical Equipment:
  • Cross roller bearings play a crucial role in medical and optical equipment that requires precise movement and stability. They are used in medical imaging devices, such as CT scanners and MRI machines, where the bearings support rotating components with high accuracy. Cross roller bearings are also found in optical instruments like telescopes, camera lenses, and precision measuring instruments, ensuring smooth rotation and precise positioning of optical components.

  • Aerospace and Defense:
  • In the aerospace and defense sectors, cross roller bearings are utilized in critical applications that demand high load capacity, rigidity, and reliability. They are used in aircraft landing gear systems, missile guidance systems, radar antennas, and satellite communication systems. Cross roller bearings are favored for their ability to accommodate both radial and axial loads, making them suitable for aerospace and defense applications with varying load requirements.

  • Industrial Robotics and Material Handling:
  • Cross roller bearings are integral components in industrial robotics and material handling equipment. They are commonly used in articulated robot arms, linear actuators, and conveyor systems. Cross roller bearings enable precise and smooth motion control, supporting heavy loads and withstanding dynamic forces. Their high stiffness and load capacity enhance the reliability and productivity of industrial robots and material handling systems.

  • Scientific and Research Instruments:
  • Cross roller bearings find applications in various scientific and research instruments that require precise positioning and smooth operation. They are used in electron microscopes, spectrometers, telescopes, and other scientific equipment. Cross roller bearings contribute to the stability and accuracy of these instruments, ensuring precise measurements and observations in research and scientific investigations.

In summary, cross roller bearings are specialized roller bearings that offer high load-carrying capacity, rigidity, and precision. They find diverse applications in industries such as robotics and automation, machine tools, medical and optical equipment, aerospace and defense, industrial robotics and material handling, as well as scientific and research instruments. The unique design and performance characteristics of cross roller bearings make them indispensable in industrial sectors that require precise motion control, high load capacity, and compact form factors.

China high quality Mv Cross Roller Guide Needle Bearing Guide Ways with Steel Cages Holder   bearing bronzeChina high quality Mv Cross Roller Guide Needle Bearing Guide Ways with Steel Cages Holder   bearing bronze
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